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extra virgin slovenian olive oil

Our story

It started with the desire for a quiet life in the countryside. My story began with a view of the Gulf of Trieste and the joy of working. Rather unusual. The first hundred olive trees were planted in 1994. Most people did not believe that olive trees could thrive in Boršt, a village at 353 metres above sea level. Well, they soon realised that this is an ideal position. At first, everything looked completely different. In 1994, there was a severe frost. 
Ninety-nine olive trees froze, only one remained. It seemed like a sign for me to try again. 
One swallow does not a summer make, they say. Well, it made it for us! 
Just as that one olive tree survived the frost, we survived that great loss. With the help of our Istrian stubbornness, the following year we obstinately replanted 100 olive seedlings. 
‎Our perseverance rewarded us – there was no frost any more. Now, four olive groves flourish on a ridge on one hectare of land; 300 olive trees of the Maurino, Belica and Leccino varieties. Almost thirty years ago, as young producers, we made the decision to give precedence to quality and not quantity. 
This meant organic production, which in turn meant no harmful substances. 
We harvest manually and take special care to press the olives in just the right way – always on the day when they are picked.

How to recognise quality olive oil

Our oils are distinguished by a rich fruity and vegetable fresh aroma (apples, fresh almonds, artichokes, tomatoes and freshly cut grass) and by a pleasant bitter-spicy flavour.
Spiciness andbitterness are the result of a larger proportion of biophenols, which are antioxidants and are beneficial to our health. Quality olive oil is not only fat and a nutrient, but also a condiment.
Our range consists of the Istrian Belica, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino varieties.
Our oil is harmoniouswith a wide aromatic spectrum.
Real treasure!

Organic production of our olive oil

Jasa oils are produced according to the criteria for certified organic production.
We use exclusively organic fertilisers.
The olives are picked manually when suitably matured and processed into oil the same day.
Undamaged fruits are processed the very same day in a state-of-the-art oil mill at a temperature
below 27°C.

Numerous awards are also the fruits of our labour

Our work is rounded off by numerous accolades and awards, starting with our first competition in
2005 and many championship titles in Slovenia as well as abroad. We are particularly proud of
placing among the top 500 oils in the world in the FLOS OLEI global guide.

We are, of course, delighted to have won all these awards, each and every one of them, because
they confirm that we are working well and with passion. WHERE THERE IS PASSION, EVERYTHING IS

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